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Don't get tangled up in the notion that depression is a sin. This particular question is posed to me by more people than perhaps any other when trying to understand what is going on emotionally with themselves or with someone close to them.

The situation isn’t helped by well-meaning Christians who don’t understand depression saying things like: “You just need to have more faith,” or “There must be sin in your life, or you wouldn’t feel like this,” or even “If you’d pray harder (read the Bible more, have a deeper walk with the Lord), you wouldn’t have this problem.” To someone who already feels guilty about everything, this just piles on even more guilt. When I feel depression beginning to clamp its cold hands upon me, I do several things:

1) Above anything else, I make sure I’m still reading my Bible and praying. 2) I thank God for loving me and bringing me through the bout of depression. 3) I try to keep from making any major decision. Your depression is not a sin in and of itself. But how you respond to that depression will determine if you sin.

At times, depression can relate to emotions that have been ignored or pushed away for years. Be willing to face them through Christ’s strength.

Matthew 5:4 says, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Though not advisable in every situation, medication may provide needed physical help for people struggling with depression. Talk to a doctor about it.

Reaching out for Christian counseling can provide support, help you address underlying causes of your depression, and help you develop a plan of action.

Here some online or in person services you can signup in to get help

1) Christian Counselling Ottawa -

3) Better Help -


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