Why? Because it nourishes and hydrates the hair. Makes it softer and more manageable. Prevents beard itch and dandruff.

And it smells goooood!


Pourquoi? Parce qu'il nourrit et hydrate les cheveux. Le rend plus doux et plus maniable. Prévient les démangeaisons de la barbe et les pellicules.

 Et ça sent booooon !


Beard Oil

Ingredients: grapeseed oil; jojoba oil; hemp oil; castor oil; essential and/or fragrance oil.

§ Jojoba Oil is amazing when it comes to beards. It softens and hydrates. It doesn’t clog pores or cause irritation.

§ Hemp Oil this oil is packed with protein, it strengthens and moisturizes hair strands. It can help reduce beard damage resulting in a fuller and longer beard.

§ Castor Oil helps fight off bacteria or fungal growth on the skin, promoting healthy hair growth

§ Essential Oils With their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing properties, essential oils are used for a variety of skin care concerns.

§ Fragrance Oils Not all products contain fragrance oils. Please read the descriptions carefully


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Beard oil - Huile de barbe (15ml)