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Whether you were born in the poorest home or were an unwanted child, whether you were abandoned or rejected or lost both parents at your birth, you were born a princess. However, all women are not born queens. We choose to become one. It's not easy becoming a queen; it comes with a need of transformation, a need of change, a need of molding, and a need of building. It's a painful process, and it's a process that takes time.

In The Making of a Queen, author Danielle Kamdeu defines the role of a queen and discusses a queen's positive traits. Using Biblical examples, she offers insight into queens and their character, asserting that the making of a queen is about love and royalty. Being a queen comes with many responsibilities, including decision-making and disciple-building. It requires a strong woman.

The Making of a Queen reminds us that a queen lives inside all of us. We belong to a loving, faithful, and powerful king who made us after his own image and likeness. Danielle shares how to journey through the challenges of this life as you successfully clothe yourself with royalty when you discover who you truly are and when you find true love.

The Making of a Queen: A Treasure to Find

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