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12x16 framesFrame comes in Black or white


Do your worries keep you up at night? Going to bed worried is one of the worst feelings. Letting go of things is hard and putting your anxious thoughts aside can feel impossible. Worrying about the future, about finances, friendships, things that you did wrong and things that you could do better, all of these things threaten to rob us of sleep.


A great piece of advice that I was given is to “Give it to God and go to sleep.”


Every morning God gives you a new day, He allows the sun to shine, and He holds the world in His hands. God does everything for a purpose, and if He can run the world and knows all the hairs on your head, so He can definitely handle anything going on in your life.God won’t fail you if you seek Him first!


“When I go to bed, I sleep in peace, because, Lord, you keep me safe. Psalm 4:8”



Give it to God and go to sleep’ is an excellent piece of advice that everyone needs to be told. This beautiful, simple art frame will inspire and encourage you, a family member, or a friend !


Give it to God -Wall frame

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